This is a story of two sisters separated by war and left at the opposite sides of the conflict. Both reluctant to abandon their side, they must either find a way to get reunited or let their hatred destroy them both. To make the decision even harder, they both have new friends fighting at their side.

This is a fanstick inspired by Gundam Seed Destiny. It is done by me, sticker, and some other guys. I do the Earthlings (common folk) and other guy(s) do the clan guys (BOYS).

Warning: This webcomic may contain one or more of the following: action, inaction, sticks, coloured pictures, plain pictures, partial nudity, full but censored nudity, full nudity, the Incredible Machine, straight lines, curvy lines, violence, gentleness, love, forbidden love, from dusk till dawn, psychokinesis, hatred and practically anything else. If even one of these might offend you, we strongly recommend you not to view this toon. If you decide against this and are offended, it is on you since we tried to warn you.

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"In war people may die"

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