Role Playing Stick

Warning: The webcomic you are about to view may contain some of the following: bad language, full and partial nudity, violence, impossible events, things you should not try at home, cameo appearances, implied sexual acts, explicit sexual acts, use of alcohol, humour, The Incredible Machine, pictures, drawings, and almost anything else. By viewing this toon you accept the fact that things from the warning list may appear in the toon and that you're totally okay with it.

Role Playing Stick is based in a phantasy world which consists of many generic towns, some key towns, hideous lairs and caverns, etc. The main group consists of three individuals; Bryant is the thief, Isolde the mage and Knitting Knight the knight. Some supporting characters include Andraste.

This toon is implemented by me, t3h sticker, but the three main characters are created by three different persons (Isolde is mine <3). These three persons will all contribute to the storyline as well, with no preset order. You should probably think this as a cooperative role playing game.

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