Bryant character

Name: Bryant
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Height: 179cm
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Language: Southwestern dialect

A somewhat shady character, Bryant seems to be familiar with various persons he encounters. His special abilities include snatching things from seemingly impossible places with no noticeable effort. The distinguishing feature in his clothing is the dark cloak he always wears.

Being actually one cm taller than Isolde, Bryant has somewhat sloppy posture and he seems perfectly fine with the fact that Isolde seems to get most of the attention. Bryant demonstrates almost endless patience and calms quickly when he does get irritated. It is probable that he is somewhat strong, but he rarely resorts to physical violence.

As uncanny as it may seem, Bryant will never run out of money.

Bryant is one of the main characters in RPG Stick. He's been designed by DerElch.


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