Isolde character

Name: Isolde
Race: Human (50%, father), Elf (50%, mother)
Age: 17 (mature)
Sex: Female
Height: 178cm
Weight: 54kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Language: Southern dialect, Elvish

Being a somewhat tall woman, Isolde gathers unwanted attention everywhere she goes. She hides her pointed ears with a red bandana and usually tends to wear inconspicuous clothing. Although her hair is brown, her deep green eyes give away her elven roots.

Isolde is rather shy but likes to use phrases like "I love you". She loves nature, especially trees of any kind. However, she has trouble sleeping outdoors because her hearing is annoyingly good. She also has tendency to eat snacks often, since she likes small portions. Isolde is a mage so she cannot carry any armour and her weak arms allow using only light weapons such as daggers and sticks.

Being half elf, Isolde can run fast, though fear may have some contribution as well. Usually elves would not be mature at her age, but her human side means she ages faster than full elves. Her life expectancy is 150 years, while full elves could live for 300 years. Oh and, in case you wanted to know, her mother is not dark elf. Isolde's dark hair is from her father's side.

Isolde is one of the main characters in RPG Stick. She has been designed by sticker.


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