Knitting Knight character

Name: Knitting Knight
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Height: 182cm
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Language: Unknown

Knitting Knight is - well - a knight. He has a good posture and is an experienced swordsman. He is protected by steel armour, complete with helmet and stuff. His hobbies include knitting long socks that fit perfectly into his long steel boots. Unfortunately he starts knitting immediately when inspiration strikes him, even (and often) in the middle of a battle.

Knitting Knight is a very calm person, even calmer than Bryant. He is also somewhat strong, being able to carry Isolde for short distances. Knitting Knight usually carries his sewing kit with him.

Knitting Knight is one of the main characters in RPG Stick. He's been designed by Toweringman.


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